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NZ Nature Serum

Is a premium natural skincare ingredient, effective at stopping the spread of infection and encouraging the skins natural abilities to rejuvenate, knitting the skin together cleverly stimulating a youthful appearance of new  skin. This gold ingredient is a closely guarded formulated blend of bio extracts sourced from plants. These plants are found in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and there is no other place like it on earth. It is where plants thrive, and this combined with the remote geographic location allows the plants to reach their full potential, right down to the naturally occurring bio active compounds that make up our 100% natural Gold Ingredient; NZ Nature Serum.

So why do plants grow so well in New Zealand?

This island nation is the southernmost nation in Oceania and is blessed with a well-balanced, temperate ecological environment. Fresh clean air is driven in from the surrounding oceans and Alpine mountain ranges. This develops niche micro-climates allowing plants to thrive within them, especially as New Zealand is full of naturally occurring mineral springs and pristine rainfall providing fertile alluvial soils containing necessary nutrients.

The geographic location of New Zealand is isolated from threats of large global populations protecting and maintaining the enriched environment.

We take pride in the plant growth and extraction process to ensure NZ Nature Serum is a bespoke Gold Ingredient, batch tested to ensure the highest quality every time. It is then combined with the additional enriched ingredients, each one added for a specific purpose under the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in a purpose-built facility to create a premium product.

Ingredient list of NZ Nature Serum Creme

Caprylic/Capric triglycerides
Hydrogenated Ethyl Hexyl Olivate and Hydrogenated olive Oil Unsaponifiables'
New Zealand Beeswax
Jojoba Oil
Evening Primrose
Macadamia Oil
Sunflower Oil

Glyceryl Stearate
NZ Nature Serum