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Supporting Schools

Here at NZ nature serum we understand that in today’s environment it is necessary for New Zealand Schools to raise additional funds to assist with the education and development of our children. We also understand how hard it is for many schools to achieve this, which is how we came up with the idea of the NZ Nature Serum School Fundraising Plan.

This plan offers NZ Schools with the opportunity to increase fundraising in an easy, cost effective way, with a suitable product that is appropriate for everyone and simple to manage. 

If you are interested in fundraising with us please use the form below to get in touch. Below is a referral letter from Hikuai School who has recently completed a fundraising campaign with us, you may be interested in reading how it worked for them.

Warmest Regards,

Damian Campbell
Chief Financial Officer

Testimonial - Hikuai School 

Hikuai School recently joined forces with the team from NZ Nature Serum for a fundraising initiative aimed towards generating funds for our playground revitalisation project.

NZ Nature serum is a versatile multi-purpose balm ointment, formulated with their gold ingredient, and suitable for the whole family. Its dual-action and non-greasy feel, makes NZ nature serum a wonderful remedy for most skin irritations from head to toe, leaving visibly healthier skin.

The details of our fundraiser was sent out to our community, including an e-flyer, which when distributed via various social media platforms it enabled the purchaser to be directed to the NZ Nature Serum web page. By using the unique registration code, $7 of the purchase price was donated directly to our school. This removed all of the time consuming ‘admin’ and created a stress-free, streamlined fundraising venture.

The team at NZ Nature Serum have been fabulous to work with and I would highly recommend any schools looking at ways to generate funds to get in touch with Sarah to start your fundraising venture now!

Mark Thomson
Principal - Hikuai School