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Sarah's Story

"I have thrown away 90% of our first aid kit because of our experiences with NZ Nature Serum.

Wow, look at this kid…. a fall off his scooter, head first into the ground minus his helmet left his face in rather a bad shape but only seven days later using NZ Nature Serum twice a day, just look at the results. I had only used the serum for smaller cuts and scrapes at that stage so was slightly apprehensive and found the process a little scary be honest. As the bacteria and infection seemed to surface to the top it created a yellow crust leaving Ollie looking a lot worse before it all flaked away around day six revealing beautiful fresh skin underneath. I’m so glad I stayed on course and trusted the NZ Nature Serum healing process, the results were simply brilliant.

I showed a family friend who is a GP the photographs of Ollie's face a week after the accident and he said “if that kid had walked into my practice; I would have put him on antibiotics” mainly relating to his concerns around the nose area. Anytime I can prevent my family from taking a course of antibiotics is a win for us and the results in the photos do really speak for themselves.

So that is where our story with NZ Nature Serum really started, now we use the serum for everything and it is known in our family as "Our special cream", we seem to pull it out almost daily and use it from cuts, insect bites to rashes and I’m now even using it as a face cream.

To be able to heal each member of our young family in a naturally holistic way is not only proven have effectively worked for us but has also been so rewarding to see. Thank you for offering a natural alternative, we couldn’t do without our NZ Nature Serum."