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Meet our One Pot Wonder!

Ultra-Nourishing Ingredients I Softens and Protects I Leaves Your Skin Feeling Soft and Supple


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Treat Your Skin to Ultra Nourishing Ingredients

Experience the power of ultra nourishing ingredients formulated to moisturise and reduce the appearance of dry, damaged skin. Scientifically formulated using natural ingredients, NZ nature serum is proven to not only nourish and protect, but actively prevents the spread of bacteria. Due to NZ nature serum’s efficacy, it can be used effectively for multiple uses for all family members from newborns to aged adults. Get your 'one pot wonder' today!

  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates
  • Restores dry, cracked skin
  • Ultra-moisturising
  • Sooths and calm's dry, itchy skin
  • Non greasy after-feel


Why is NZ nature serum such a powerful natural remedy?

NZ nature serum contains two active ingredients; Squalane and our unique Conifer extract. Squalane is a highly moisturising ingredient extracted from the olive plant and is exceptional for boosting hydration in the skin. Our Conifer extract is a unique formula of raw material containing a broad spectrum of anti bacterial activity. The compatibility of these active ingredients combined in an unusual base of light rich oils creates the exceptional efficacy of NZ nature serum.

  • A natural antiseptic
  • Cleanses and protects
  • Prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Calm's irritated skin
  • Reduces the appearance of redness
  • Sooth itchiness, relieves discomfort

Our One Pot Wonder - Perfect for Multiple Uses

Face and Lips


Feet and Heels

Dry, Itchy Skin


Pesky Insects

After Sun



What people say

I started using NZ nature serum for the itchiness on my legs, I put it on every night. But the stunning surprise for me was my heels. I had really dry heels, and now they are smooth as a baby’s bottom.

customer image


I was fortunate to discover this New Zealand product as I've tried so many products with little result but within no time, I noticed a difference and now use it for everything.

customer image


My husband has been using NZ nature serum successfully, and in one day using NZ nature serum cream my dry lips are showing an amazing improvement. It’s softened the lips and they don’t look nearly as angry!

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